Sunday, June 27, 2010

Disappointed me ..

My results in an online exam were not great.. oh my oh my! T_T
The exam is consisted of 4 parts and each has a time limit of 45minutes. I took this exam to gauge how well I am in these 4 technologies.

* the 1st exam result is so bad but I guess it only reflects the knowledge I have on that technology. I just know how to start and stop its directory structure.. and nothin' more.. lol!
* the 2nd exam, I scored more than half of the total.. but still I'm disappointed. I need a refresher course.
*the 3rd exam, I got 34 out of 40.. yipeee!
* the last exam, I got 21 out of 36.. it' more than half but still I feel disappointed. I'm not really good in arrays and the tricky logical operators.. haays.. T_T

I need to improve my scores. To be able to achieve it , I will set a self study time with these technologies. I'm crossing my fingers.. I know I can do it..aja! I

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