Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Very bad customer service of Res Toe Run at Robinsons Manila

Just got home from Robinsons Manila and i had a very bad experience with the sales/store attendant at Res Toe Run  shoe store. It was around 8pm, i went to that store to check some shoes because i want to buy a pair as an advance birthday gift for myself. The free fish loafer shoes in green caught my eyes so I asked the male attendant if they have a size 36. His reaction seems masungit but i ignore it. So he got the shoes and just informed me via a loud voice and left the shoes in the chair and assisted the other customer who ask for a fitflop sandals. I didn't mind the way he informed me because i was busy checking out the other shoes in the store.  I tried the shoes if it fits then returned it back. i asked the male attendant for the price and i said "thank you po, balik na lng po ako ulit". I was undecided at that time if i will buy it or not. When i turned my back, i noticed he looked at me so badly and irritated while padabog na binabalik un shoes sa box. My sister in law also noticed his actions. So i looked back at the attendant and he was looking at me na masama ang tingin while babbling some words. I ignore it and we leave the store. The way the male attendant treated  me as a customer is not OK.. Very unrespectful. The message of his actions to me is "bawal mag fit ng shoes if hindi mo bibilhin". How will i know if the shoe fits me or not if i'm not going to try it. The male attendant  should treat the customers fairly and respectfully regardless if the customer will buy some stuffs or not. I hope the management of the Res Toe Run store -Robinsons Manila branch would not tolerate this kind of behavior of their sales attendants/assistants especially this male attendant assigned at around 8pm of Nov. 6,2013. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

It's rainy season again

Time again for floods and heavy traffic. Hope these issues be solved in the near future. Take care my dear readers. 

I'm praying for the rain to stop.

View of the laundry area.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pork Adobo con Tofu ala Mel

Hello my dear readers. Last night, I cooked pork adobo with tofu for my hubby. I was happy because he liked it. I borrowed this recipe to my friend named Mamita. I added some tofu as extenders because I only have a small amount of pork.. hohoho! :P

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday dinner

Dinner with hubby at Ying-ying restaurant, Binondo. I so love their siopao and milk tea..

We had pork century egg congee, pork siomai, asado siopao, milk tea and hot salad roll. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The gift I wanted..

This is what I really wanted for my birthday and Christmas last December 2012..

It's almost 1 month of waiting since I registered online last December 12, 2012.
Hope my application for re-contracting will be approved asap. 

#Globe Telecoms #iphone5 #loyaltyrewards

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Disappointed with Globe's Loyalty rewards

I've been a loyal subscriber of globe telecoms for 6 years and already out of contract - business plan. I have applied for an iphone 5 on their online application as a loyalty reward last December 12, 2012. Hoping that they will process my application much faster because it is for recontracting. I called them several times and even visited their business center last december 28 but no one was able to help me. Well, i just called their hotline today (January 2, 2013) after lunch and talked to 4 different CSRs. Why 4? because my call was routed to personal consumer group even though i dialled the hotline for business plan which is 7301288. I was so very frustrated and annoyed but kept myself calm while talking with the CSR. The common reasons they gave me are:
1. i am on business plan
2. there's another group that handling it and my call needs to be transferred,
3. They are having difficulty transferring my call.
4. No stocks of iphone5

The CSR just created a report, escalated it and even told me to expect a call from them. However, no calls received from globe. I am saddened on how they deal with their loyal customers. It made me think that they prioritize the applications with higher plans -- because mine is on plan 350 only.

For me, the globe telecoms signature line- "We make things happen" is now superficial.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year to All

I just want to greet you guys a very Happy New Year!!!
Thank you for keeping reading my posts! 
I am very grateful! :)
God bless us all!

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