Sunday, January 31, 2010

Froyo's Frozen Yogurt

It was my first time to try Froyo's Frozen Yogurt at Hobbes and Landes,Bonifacio High Street. Thankful that Louie girl invited me and Tet to try it out. It's much much better than Lulu Belle's Yogurt in terms of taste and pricing. A regular size of Froyo yogurt is only Php 80 and Php110 for the Large size. An Additional Php40 for 3 toppings of your choice. I got my yogurt with Granola (it's like a crunchy cereal), fresh blueberries and New York Cheesecake..yumyum! It's a good way to cool down after an hour of jogging. I will definitely come back to try other toppings. ^_^

pictures to be uploaded soon.

Andok's Special Bibingka

It's great to know that Andok's still offers Bibingka in their Menu. I thought that it will only be available during the December Holidays. Andok's Bibingka is delicious and budget friendly for only Php 49. I hope in the future they will also offer Puto Bungbong with Cheddar Cheese.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stackers Burger Cafe

The Piazza was a newly opened mall at Mckinley Hills, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. I saw Stackers burger cafe when I had dinner at Tokyo Cafe. From then, i decided to try it out on pay day. The much awaited day had come, I invited my officemates to had lunch at Stackers Burger Cafe.. that was also their first time to eat there. I ordered for Cheeseburger (Php118) and I added Php60 for the cola and chips. My friend, cris, ordered a Caesar Salad.

My opinion about the foods are, the burger was not that tasty, the chips were oily and over fried. The Caesar salad was also not good.. veggies were not fresh according to cris. The service was so slow. The ambiance of the place was ok,they have a large lcd tv for entertaining the customers. For me, Brothers Burger and Burger Avenue are much much better than Stackers Burger Cafe.

Eat Well.. a Chinese Restaurant

January 13, 2010, I and my bf had dinner at EAT WELL a chinese restaurant.He decided to eat there because he misses to eat at YinYing resto located in Binondo, Manila. We ordered Fried Porkchop Rice with Vegetables, Roasted BBQ Pork, and Hot and Sour Seafood Soup. Judging the taste of the foods.. they were delicious. The ambiance of the place was also nice. Pardon for the photos, I just used my mobile's camera.

Roasted Bbq Pork

Fried Porkchop Rice with Vegetables

Hot and Sour Seafood Soup

UCC Park Cafe

I and my college buddies had a get together at UCC Park Cafe located near Glorieta 3 mall. I was sick at that time so i ordered for a sandwich.. the Cliffhanger sandwich. Looking at the picture of it in the menu, you'll think that it was good enough for a one person. But behold, I was surprised!it was a HUGE sandwich. I only finished half of it. The Cliffhanger sandwich tasted good, crunchy and cheesy but it's a bit oily. For the drink I ordered for a hot white mocha coffee.. a sip of it made me felt relieved of stress. I think that was my 5th time to dine at UCC Cafe. Their foods are good but their coffees are much better.

Shiok.. a taste of Singapore and Malaysia

Last January 7, I and my bf saw a newly opened restaurant at Fort Bonifacio Global City Taguig. The restaurant's name was SHIOK. There were only a few people having dinner during that time. Since it was a new resto, we decided to try it out. Based from the Manager's marketing talk, they served Singaporean and Malaysian dishes. Shiok's signature dish was the Hainan Chicken. But I didnt ordered that because I was craving for a fish dish. So I ordered Spicy Pineapple fish and hot horlicks. my bf ordered for a Roast BBQ Pork and Iced Yuan Yang. Judging the dishes that we tried, Spicy Pineapple Fish is yummier than the Roast BBQ pork. Hot Horlicks was yummi while the iced Yuan Yang tasted like an ordinary iced coffee. Regarding the ambience of the place, it was good and clean. The servers were very accommodating and the service was fast. I'll definitely come back to try their Hainan Chicken dish.

Shiok is located at 01-05 Fort Forum Building, Bonifacio Stopover, 31st and 2nd Street, Fort Bonifacio Global City. They also deliver, just call 466-6291.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Movie Review: AVATAR

I watched the movie Avatar in 3D with my bf last sunday, January 10, 2010 at Glorietta 4 . The php300 worth of movie ticket was all worth it. Avatar is a beautiful film. I know the storyline has some flaws but the animation really amazed my eyes. I was never bored watching it. Everything is beautiful. Full of excitement, action and adventure with a twist of romance. But there's one question left in my mind.. what is the cause of death of Jake's brother?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Subic 2009

I, my bf and his two cutee younger sisters had a 3 day vacation at Subic last August 2009.We stayed at Seorabeol hotel located at Waterfront Road. It has two swimming pools, function rooms, restaurant and a souvenir shop. The beach was just across the waterfront road. Walking around, you could see Gerry's grill, casinos, Korean restaurants, and hotels by the beach like the Lighthouse hotel.

Restaurants that we visited were Gerry's grill, Meat Plus Cafe, Xtremely Xpresso Cafe and of course, Jollibee.We had our lunch at Gerry's grill. We ordered pork sisig, molo soup and grilled squid. Yumyum! We had our dinner at Meat Plus Cafe for the 1st night and Xtremely xpresso Cafe for the 2nd night.

Meat Plus Cafe is located at Samson road, SBF. Meat Plus is a famous resto in Subic based from the forums that I've read. They serve different kinds of steaks. Prices are affordable. Pardon for the photos, I forgot the food's name and their prices. But all of them are yummy! We enjoyed eating at Meat Plus Cafe.

Xtremely Xpresso Cafe is located at #1 Dewey Ave., Subic Bay Freeport zone.
They serve steaks, chickens, fish, cakes, crepes and coffees. When we arrived, a lot of people having their dinner, so we waited to have a table. Some photos:

In my opinion, Meat plus is better than Xtremely Xpresso. But if you'll go to Subic, you should visit these two restos. By the way, Jollibee in Subic is a wow! Why? The chicken joy is big! Twice the size of the chicken joy in Makati. We love Jollibee! Below is a photo of my bf's younger sister with Jollibee. =)

For recreation, we went to Tree top Adventure, Zoobic Safari, and swimming at the hotel.
Tree Top adventure is located at Ilanin Forest. It is located between Jest Camp and Extreme Adventure. Tree Top Adventure Packages (based from their website):

Tree Top Adventure Package
Appreciate unspoiled nature from up to 100 feet above the ground! Follow an adventure trail like no other, suspended among the rainforests’ highest branches. Cross 4 suspension bridges and take 9 motorized cable rides of up to 220 meters in length.
RATE: Php 350/person
DURATION: 1.5-2 hours

Trekking Adventure Package
Sometimes, to experience an unforgettable high, one must keep his feet firmly on the ground. Come have a serene walk as Treetop guides you through the wilderness. Marvel at the magnificent flora and fauna of Subic’s renowned virgin rainforest from the ground level with all the excitement going on above your head.
RATE: Php 100/person
DURATION:1-1.5 hours

Ultimate Adventure Package
Experience real WildLife! Soar from tree to tree while securely suspended in two fashions, face down and seated. Here, the Superman ride is part of your activities. In this thrilling trail, cover 5 platforms, cross 4 suspension bridges and conquer 5 cable lines of up to 450 feet long and 100 feet high.
RATE: Php 350/person
DURATION:1.5-2 hours

Tree-Drop Adventure Package
Serene as the jungle may seem, there is also something in it to quench your thirst for adrenaline rush. Flirt with gravity by rappelling down the side of a 60-foot tree! Each descent is a unique adventure as the park offer a variety of styles - the conventional, the spider style and the daring Australian style (face first!).
RATE: Php 150/person/rappel

Zoobic Safari is located at Ilanin Forest. Experience wild life, safari ride, Aeta's trail, savannah, and many more.

For pasalubong and shopping, there were many seashell accessory vendors at the waterfront road at night. They got beautiful and unique designs. They also gave discounts.You can also shop at Subic's Duty Free and Subic's Freeport Zone. There's also an Adidas and nike factory outlets.

My subic vacation was Great! I'll definitely come back for another vacation.

Lay Bare Waxing Salon

I've been scouting for a much cheaper waxing salon. I used to go to Mendez for waxing but it's too pricey. I learned about Lay Bare through Femalenetwork's Girltalk forum. Many of my co-Girltalkers recommended Lay Bare. A lot of good feedback like cheaper, not painful, accommodating staffs and etc. Lay Bare Salon is a specialized salon for hair waxing. Last November 2009, I went to Market Market and saw that there's a new branch of Lay Bare. I went there to try underarm waxing. They used cold wax Jelly that is made of natural ingredients and it is sugars-based that is why it is good for extra sensitive skin. Plus it exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. The waxing process was not that painful. The staffs were accommodating and friendly. My final judgment is, I'm very satisfied with their service. And oh, since it was the Opening day, I got a 20% off and a loyalty card. They stamp it every time you visit the salon. For the 4th visit they'll give you a discount of 100 and 200 for your 8th visit.

I definitely recommend Lay Bare Waxing Salon if you are opt for a cheaper price but with good quality of waxing service.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Typhoon Ondoy

One of the most memorable experiences I had in year 2009, was during the Typhoon Ondoy. Me and my family live in Brgy. Rizal, Makati for more than 7 years. This was the first time we've experienced that the flood water went inside the house. Our house in makati is elevated from the main road. Good thing we have a 2nd floor and the flood water gone up to 2 steps of the stairs. I'm Thankful that me and my family were safe during Ondoy. I'm praying that it will never happen again.

Printing problem in Epson LX-300+

I'm having a problem on how to print data on a pre-formatted continuous form in Epson LX-300+ printer. The form's size is 5"x3". In a short bond paper, 3 forms can be printed.
Using a report creator for VB6, in preview document, the data is positioned correctly.
When I tried to print the data, the 1st page printed correctly but the succeeding prints were not. I noticed that whenever the printer loads the next page, the printing starts from a different location. I googled for possible solutions and I found out that Epson LX-300+ is not designed to do receipt printings.( oh no!) Based from the forums that I've read, they suggested to use the printer.print codes to handle dot matrix printers.

Printer.ScaleMode = 6
Printer.Orientation = 1
Printer.FontSize = 13
Printer.Font = "Arial"

[b]Printer.CurrentX = 10
Printer.CurrentY = 10
Printer.Print "Line 1"


-- oR --

Open "LPT1:" For Output Access Write As #1
Print #1, Chr(27); Chr(107); Chr(3); 'font
Print #1, Chr(27); Chr(77); 'pitch 12
Print #1, Chr(27); Chr(120); Chr(1); 'letter quality
Print #1, "Hello"
Close #1

To be able to move to another page, the programmer should track the lines in a form. Then prints a series of blank lines until you reach the top of the next page.

I'm going to try this.. hope I can do it right.
aja! ^_^

Conti's Pastry Shop and Resto

Note: I just copied this from my multiply site. This was posted last year Nov. 2008. I just want to share this with you.

Food na naman! Masarap kumain e..
Me and my bf went to Trinoma, special day namin.. na nakalimutan ko
Anyway, we had dinner at Conti's.. in fairness, konti lng tao unlike sa Serendra na over sa dami.. blockbuster un pila.

My bf ordered grilled chops (not sure sa name) with risotto rice..

I ordered kiddie cheesy macaroni.. kiddie para may space pa for dessert. Yoko na ng lasagna nila.. na sobrahan na ko nun last time na nagtreat si Eds.

For the dessert, I ordered French Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream.. hmm.. yumyum! Sencia na sa pic.. d ko napigilan.. atat kasi kumain ng dessert. e naalala ko dapat ko kuhanan ng pic.. haay.. sayang ang presentation.

He got Banana crepe namn.. nainggit sa akin.. hahahaha!

i love Tokyo Cafe ^_^

Tokyo Cafe is one of my fave restos.. I love their Yoshi Burger and Chicken Burger. The Demi Hamburger is also good. The Chicken Teriyaki salad is also yummi but I like most the Mango Chicken Salad..yumyum! Below is a picture of Teriyaki Chicken Salad..

I forgot to take pics of Yoshi burger, the clubhouse sandwiches, Demi Hamburger, and their crepes ... Naunahan kasi ako ng gutom.. hahaha! Try to dine here...super ok sya..

Sun Broadband Wireless: Error 619

I just bought a Sun Broadband wireless prepaid kit last December 20, 2009 for only Php888. The kit is bundled with 1 day unlimited surfing hours.
Before I bought the kit, a sun agent visited me at my house in makati to check if there’s a sun signal in my location. For me, as a consumer and a 1st time user of Sun broadband , it’s a good sign of customer service. Unlike with my experience with globe, I planned to buy a globe tattoo kit and I asked the agent if they can visit me in my house to check if there’s signal. But the customer service told me that they only test it on their shop and advised me to bring my laptop. Anyhow, back to sun, the 1st time I tried it, I already encountered a problem, the error 619.

I don’t know the reason why it occurred. I called their customer service and they only told me that it is an intermittent problem and advised me to bring the kit back to the Sun shop at market market. I brought the kit back to their shop and they tested it and it’s working fine. Well, I’m still observing it, I can connect to the net. Sometimes the speed is fast and sometimes it’s too slow. I’m wondering if this error only occurs to prepaid users. I hope that Sun can fix this problem.


I would just like to thank my howe for giving me these wonderful gifts.
An Autograph Blush perfume from M&S and a weighing scale.
I really appreciate it.
And most of all, Thank you for the Love.

Thank you

Year 2009 will remain memorable for me.
I experienced so many things that thought me lots of lessons in life.
I’m very thankful to our loving Father for letting me experienced those stuffs.
It made me realize and understand so many things.
I became stronger and braver in facing my life.
I’m thankful that He listened and answered my prayers.
Thank you my loving Father for everything and for loving me unconditionally.
I love You with all my heart.

Welcome 2010

I just created this blog.. exactly 12:00am of January 1, 2010.
Does it mean that I'm goin' to blog for the whole year of 2010? well that's great!
I'm so curious why a lot of people are into blogging.. i want to try it.
So this is my 1st entry.. a nice start in sharing my thoughts online.

Happy New Year to all!!!


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