Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Power Fluctuations and the May 2010 Election

I noticed almost everyday and night, me and my neighbors were experiencing power fluctuations. My mother was so pissed off every time it happened. She always burst out these words :

"Naninira na naman ng appliances ang w?312@7cO!!!!"

I can't blame her.. she has a point.. not all families here in our country can afford to buy a UPS or any stuffs to prevent appliances wreckage.

On a second thought..

maybe this is happening because the May 2010 Election is coming near. The very 1st Automated Election in our country.

Naku.. nagppractice na sila! :-s

Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 25, 2010: My Manila Earthquake Experience

I was talking with my co-teammate at the office when we suddenly felt the earthquake, hmmm...around 1:30pm. I felt it was shaking for more than 2 minutes. After the earthquake, I immediately checked my family and my boyfriend if they're OK. Thank God, everyone is safe. Afterward, the guards advised all the employees to leave the building.

For more details of the earthquake incident: 6.2 Earthquake Rattles Philippines

Monday, March 8, 2010

Star Apples

It's the Season of Star apple nowadays. Love to eat this milky fruit. It taste better when chilled.

Scientific name: Chrysophyllum cainito
Type: tropical fruit
Common names: star apple, cainito, caimito, estrella, milk fruit, pomme du lait, aguay and abiaba.

Vitamins and Minerals:
calories, moisture, protein, carbohydrates, fiber,ash, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, Thiamin,riboflavin, niacin, ascorbic acid, and amino acids: tryptophan, methione, and lysine.

1. use to treat/prevent diabetes mellitus.
2. seeds can be used as a tonic for treating diarrhea and fever
3. the bark of caimito tree can be used to treat dysentery and LBM.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

To my dearest CatCat

Happy Happy 6th Birthday!!!
always be a good little princess..
play and study hard.. enjoy your childhood.

Tita ^.^

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Habang naglalakad and kumakain ng Froyo yogurt sa High street.

eds: baket kasi yung toppings nasa taas lang?

tet: kaya nga toppings eh..


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Si Catcat at ang Kawawang Pagong

Alas nuwebe ng gabi sa aming tahanan.

tok tok tok!

May sumilip sa bintana.. si catcat lng pala.

Cat: waaahhh! pinaka last si tita umuwi. pang 3rd ka. aaa huli huli! be be be be be!

Lola: buksan mo na ang pinto catcat.

Me: belat!

Binuksan ang pinto.

Cat: wow! ano yan tita?
Me: secret!
Cat: cake yan e.
Jajan: wow! cake! cake! cake! cake!
Cat: tita saan mo po yan binili?
Me: Sa..
Cat: ay ako na magbabasa. sa con..tis.. contis. sa market ba un?
Me: malapit sa market.
Jajan: sa hi-street po tita?
Me: hindi po.

Kinuha ni Lola ang cake at hinain sa mesa.

Jajan: caaaake! cake! cake!
Cat: chocolate cake! yehey!
Habang tuwang-tuwa si catcat and jajan sa pagkain ng cake.

Jajan: tita chocolate cake po ba ito?
Me: turtle pie cake po.
Jajan: aaahh...

Biglang nilayo ni Catcat ang plato.

Cat: lola ayoko na po kumain. sa yo na lng ito.
Lola: baket catcat? cge na kain ka na.
Cat (naiiyak): lola ayaw ko na po.
Lola: baket ayaw mo na? kanina sarap na sarap ka dyan.
Cat (naiiyak pa rin): e kasi lola un cake ni tita gawa daw sa pagong. ayoko na kainin. kawawa naman un pagong ginawang cake. bad un di ba lola?

Lola: di yan gawa sa pagong. hala kain na.

si Lola napatingin sa akin.

Me (smile): turtle pie cake un tawag dito ma.

Jajan: Lola masarap pala un turtle!

- the end -


Si Catcat at si Jajan

Ang aking dalawang makukulit na pamangkin.
Si Catcat ay 5 years old at si Jajan naman ay 4 years old.
Favorite nila ang Plants vs Zombies.
Mahilig sila sa Yakult, cake, ice cream and chicken.
Bato-bato pik at sawsaw suka ang madalas nila laruin.
Para silang aliens.. iniinvade nila palagi ang aking kama.
pasensya na.. wala akong magawa. :p

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

[March 2, 2010] One Tuesday Morning

March 2, 2010. 8:00am.

Cat: Tita gising na!!! Gising! Gising!!!
Cat: Titaaaaa!!!! gising ka na!
Me: maaga pa. ano breakfast?

Cat: Tita gising ka muna.
Me: Ano breakfast natin?
Cat: Bangon ka muna.

bangon ako.

Me: ano breakfast natin?
Cat: tignan natin sa baba tita.

Antok. Baba sa kitchen. silip ano breakfast. toothbrush. nag wash ng face. nagtimpla ng kape. kumain ng hotdog and sandwich loaf. Nagbreakfast na. Toothbrush ulit. naglaro ng bato bato pik kay catcat while waiting for my mom na matapos maligo. Naligo si catcat. umakyat ako sa room. nakita ang kama. antok. tulog ulit.

Cat: Tita tita gising na.. late ka na.
Me: hmmmm...maya na.
Cat: gising gising..gising!!!! late ka na tita.
Me: absent ako.
Cat: yey! sige wag ka pasok. laro na lng tyo. tapos punta tyo market.


Me: papasok na lng ako.

Bangon ulit. naligo na. nagplantsa. nagbihis. nagblow dry ng hair. nag-ayos. Antok. tingin sa kama. Antok. suklay ulit.

May nag-text!

Dan: Hi mel gudam!, favor naman please. Pwede magpabili ulit ng chicken? hehe.

Relpy ko: Ok.

Suklay suklay. Antok. lingon sa kama. Ayos ng bag. Ligpit ng kalat.

May nag-text ulit!

Dan: Yehey! same order pa rin. 1/2 chicken. Then parehas breast part. Thanks!

Reply ko: Oki.

Baba sa kitchen. check ang baon. rice. fried embutido. orange. banana.

Me: ay walang merienda?

Kuha ng chiffom slice. nestea iced tea litro pack. Bitbit lunch box. pasok na.

sa labas ng bahay.

Me: ang init naman!

balik. kuha ng payong. lakad. sakay tricycle. antok. baba. lakad. tawid. lakad ulit. antok. silip sa terminal.

Me: ayun may BGC Bus.

lakad. lakad.

naalala si dan.

punta sa bugong. lakad. lakad. haay..kakaantok. lakad.

Nasa Bugong na.

Me: Dalawang breast po.
Tindero: ha? (blank face)
Me (Antok): Dalawang breast.

Tindero napangiti.
Me napaisip. Nagising!

Sabi sa sarili: ooopppss! mali ata un nasabi ko.

Me ulit: Dalawang 1/2 breast part po ng roast chicken.
Tindero (todo smile): Ok ma'am. 119 po.

inabot ang bayad..120.

Tindero: piso po un sukli.
Me: Ok.

Tindero may kinuha.

Tindero (todo smile): Ma'am eto na po un 2 breast chicken.
Me: Ok.

sabay talikod.
si Dan kasi e.

lakad ng mabilis.. palayo!

[Modus Operandi] Dura - Dura Gang

It's been 1 year since my Sony ericsson P1i phone was stolen by the Dura - Dura Gang last March 2, 2009. As I recall, I was on my way going to the office at Fort Bonifacio. I was riding a jeepney from C5 Blueboz street going to Market Market around 10am. There were 4 guys in their mid 30s to late 40s. All of them were wearing decent office attire clothes. While inside the jeep, the guy (with a clutch bag) in front of me told me that there was a "dura" on my back. Then I asked myself how did he saw that? he was in front of me. Oh my, i felt I'm in trouble. I tried to observe the passengers and saw that there were 2 guys beside me in my left near the door, 1 in front of me and the other one seating at the back of the driver. The one guy seating beside me at the left has a big black bag. I wanted to leave the jeep but there were no people walking by at the sidewalks of C5. If I leave the jeep the 4 guys might follow me and i would be in much greater trouble. I was very nervous during that time but I tried to be calm as much as possible. I prayed to God to save me. The guy in front of me kept on talking and talking. the one at the left also spoke up. They kept on talking to distract all the passengers. The one in front offered to help me removing the saliva at my back. but i wont. he still insisted but i hardly say no. then suddenly I felt there was something moving inside my bag. But I pretended that i didn't notice it. I kept on praying to God to save and protect me from these bad people. The guy in front of me shouted "para" before the bridge going up to market market. And I noticed that the other 3 guys also followed him. Then I checked my bag and my P1i phone was gone. I was surprised they didn't get my wallet.. I wonder why? my wallet is bigger and longer than my phone. Anyway, what important is I'm safe. With this incident, I already had a trauma riding a jeepney from C5. I always observe the passengers and if i saw someone suspicious i will not ride on that jeep or I'll leave and take another one. It's better to be safe than sorry. So to all of you BEWARE and BE ALERT. I'm hoping those 4 guys are already caught and sent to jail forever and ever.

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