Thursday, October 6, 2011

Boracay Day 2

On our 2nd day. We went to station 1 to visit the famous Grotto.

Had our breakfast at Big Mouth, D'Mall

Where everything is HUGE!

Big Pancakes!

After our breakfast, we went to Helmet Dive, Snorkling and to Puka Beach.

We saw Manny Pacquiao's hotel.. ang ganda!

This is Shang ri la hotel resort

Puka Beach

We had our super duper late lunch at Tesebel. We ordered and waited for the foods to cook. We killed the time by strolling around and swimming at Puka Beach.  

Boracay Buggy cars - Php 500

Stores at the Puka Beach

Rex enjoying the mini waves.. lol!

Yey! The foods were ready.. The fresh and crispy squid calamares.

Steamly hot Pork Sinigang

Fresh Buko Juices

inihaw na Lapu-lapu

As far as I can remember, wala pang 2k un orders namin. Ang sarap + fresh + surprisingly cheap = super sulit and babalik ako ulit sa Tesebel. Busog - busog! ^_^


  1. love the love to try staying in shang boracay...hayyyy 2012 wishlist.

  2. ay ako din, kaso ang pricey sa shang boracay. sana may magsponsor sa akin. thanks for visiting my site sis hopee. :)


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