Monday, December 6, 2010

McDo's Cheeseburger Meal with Hot Fudge

This is my all time favorite at McDonald's. I love their Cheeseburger! I always order a Hot Fudge so I can dip my French Fries to it.. heaven goodness! My Boyfriend is not fond of eating at Mc Donald's, but I think he already used to it. I worked at McKinley Hills, all the restaurants in the vicinity are pricey. So every time when we can't decide where to eat  and if we don't have enough money...  he always asked me, "Saan mo gusto kumain? Ikaw na magdecide". Me, a tipid-mode girl, always answered "Sa mura lng.. tara McDonald's tayo!" with a big smile.

Paparapapa... Love ko 'to!!! ^.^


  1. Ay ako rin, I prefer their cheeseburger over that of Jollibee. Not really a fan of fries being dipped in sundae though.

  2. i love dipping fries in sundae too! and in chicken nuggets' barbecue sauce! =)

    new follower here. =)

  3. I like their burgers sans the cheese. I don't quite get why pero parang weird kasi sa taste buds ko. :)

  4. wow! sarap... matagal tagal na din akong hindi nakakain sa McDo... might go there tomorrow. Buti nalang merong McDo kahit saan ka pumunta :D

  5. yup masarap tlga ang cheeseburger tyaka un hamburger ng mcdo.thanks for visiting. :)

  6. Yay to fries dipped in hot fudge sundae! :D


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