Friday, May 14, 2010

Dry Eyes.. oh no!

Last last Wednesday, a week ago, my eyes got red and I felt so uncomfortable. I thought it was a Sore eyes so I medicated with an anti-bacterial eye drops, 1 drop/day. But as I observe for 3 days, I was wondering why there was no itchy feeling and the redness only occur inside of my lower eyelids ( I don't know the right term). I went to our company doctor for a checkup and the diagnosis is Dry Eyes. First, he asked if I'm using contact lenses and i said yes. He said that wearing contact lenses can cause Dry eyes. I should wear it for not more than 8 hours per day. And it is much better if I change my contacts monthly coz I'm using an extended one. He also said that heat is also one factor to cause Dry eyes. I guess that's the main culprit why I have dry eyes, it's so very hot lately. (Climate change!) The doctor also said that dust, air pollution, and dirty places can also cause dry eyes. He prescribed an Artificial Tears eye drop to lubricate my eyes. He also told me to rest my eyes because my work requires me to sit at the front of the computer for more than 8 hours. And lastly he advised me not to wear contact lenses until my Dry eyes were gone. Oh no! Sadness but i have to follow. I bought an Artificial tear eyedrop at Mercury drug and it cost me Php326. As of today, I can say my eyes condition improves. Still waiting for the day when I can say "Byebye Dry Eyes, don't ever come back.". Hahaha! :)

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