Saturday, May 1, 2010

Without Trust You Cannot Lead

I just want to share this article that I accidentally found in the net:
Without Trust You Cannot Lead by James M. Kouzes, Ph.D. and Barry Z. Posner, Ph.D.

I extracted some parts that caught my attention:

"If you're going to be in a business of any size, you're going to have to develop the kind of leadership qualities that allow you to attract good people, guide them, encourage them, and ultimately trust them--and let them go and do their jobs. Oh, sure, you have to take deep breaths, but mostly you have to trust them." --Bill McGowan, founder of MCI

I truly agree. I remember my previous boss said before:

"You are matured enough to manage your time. You can do whatever you want as long as you deliver your results on time and with quality."


"You are defined by your outputs."

I believe that he's a good leader who knows to take care of his team and will fight for you as long as he knows that you are RIGHT. Anyway, back to the article..

In reality this one really happens:

"Without trust, managers often take a self-protective posture. They are directive and hold tight reigns over their subordinates. Likewise, subordinates of low-trust managers are likely to ignore, disguise and distort facts, ideas, conclusions and feelings. They are suspicious and unreceptive, perceiving their manager's actions as attempts to manipulate them. In follow-up experiments where participants were briefed about their manager's low level of trust, attempts by the manager to be truly open and honest were ignored and rejected by subordinates. The mental set was so strong that the manager's honesty was viewed by subordinates as a clever attempt to deceive them. They were cynical and generally reacted by sabotaging the manager's efforts even further."

I remember an incident that someone mentioned that all will be treated fairly in terms of job assignments but he also mentioned that they as managers also have "Preferred Persons" to do the job. whaaattt??? Fairly versus Preferred? I also remember that someone added me before to be a friend in one of the famous social networking sites. I'm thinking if he did it just to sneak if I'm working or not. Is it a sign that he doesn't trust his subordinates..oooppps! :x

Final notes:

"Trust is a risk game. Leaders must be the first ones to ante-up."


"Without Trust You Cannot Lead"

It's May 1, 2010, Happy Labor day!

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