Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I want an iPod Touch 4th Gen!!!

This is one of my wishes to have last December but until now I don't have one. Sadness. Why do I like this?
  1. I can play games.
  2. listen to music.
  3. watch movies
  4. surf the net and check emails
  5. I can take pictures and blog it away!
It's a full pack entertainment in small package. I really want to have one, the 32Gb iPod Touch 4th Gen.It's Php 15,990 here in Manila, Philippines. 

Save save save.. Advance Tipid mode activated.

Haaays, I hope that my bf read this.. who doesn't want to have an iPod Touch 4th Gen as a gift? None of course. So..  


Paging my howe! Yoohooo!!!! this post is for you! :P

I'm just joking.. but jokes are half meant..bwahahaha! >:P

By the way, you can check this url for the iPod Touch 4th Gen Features.


  1. Hay, I want it too but I need to sell my 3rd gen iPod Touch and Nintendo DSi to be able to buy it!

    Tapos may bagong version na naman ang Apple, hehe oh well, that's the way it goes. Good luck, hope you buy it, or someone buys it for you *wink*

  2. Mel, bully ka tlga :D

  3. I also want one! :D I hope that you'll get it. :)

  4. I would love to have one too! would it be better to get an iPhone4 rather than getting this?

    paging bf!!! lol

  5. ay gusto ko na din nito! need to change my ipod nano, so jurassic! hehehe! =)

  6. I want one too! unfortunately, I'm still stuck with my own phone.. hay,

  7. D2 sa SM LIPA Games & Gadgets, 32GB Ipod Touch 4th Gen PHP13,200. That's were I Bought Mine :)

  8. Almost got this as a gift earlier this year.. almost. Kaso pinera na nung nagbigay since I needed the cash more that time. =p

    But I'm still hoping to snag one of this babies. ;)


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