Monday, September 13, 2010

Davao Trip 2010: Day 1

Me and my bf went to Davao to attend a friend's wedding. We stayed for 4 days from August 27 to August 30,2010. We arrived at the Davao Airport around 8am via Philippine Airlines. Kuya Rodel and his Ate Bingbing picked us up at the airport. From the airport, we went straight to the Bridal Couture for the fitting of my bf's tux.

The Groom with his Bestman

After fitting, we went to SM City Davao to eat lunch. We ate at Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant. I ordered for a  Baby Back Ribs; grilled porkchop and Kamikaze Skewers for my bf and Chicken Basket for Kuya Rodel. The Babyback ribs tasted so good and tender. The sauce was also great.. the taste was a mix of sweet, spicy and bbq sauce with smokey flavor and aroma. The Porkchop was also good and tender. The  Kamikaze Skewers were a mix of mushrooms, shrimp balls  and I forgot the other one. The Chicken Basket was so crispy and juicy. The servers were very friendly and accomodating.

After our lunch, me and my bf explore the SM CIty and bought some stuffs from the Supermarket. While Kuya Rodel went ahead to the dentist for cleaning. It was around 1pm when Ate Bingbing, Ate Lapay and Ate Madz arrived at the SM. Me and my bf were so sleepy coz we only slept for 2 hours before we depart from Manila Centennial Airport. Before going to the hotel, Ate Bingbing treated us at Mandarin Restaurant, it is also located at SM City. They served Chinese foods. We ordered pork Siomai, dumplings, sharksfin, chicken feet,  fruit salads and almond jellies. It all tasted good except for the Chicken feet. I haven't tried it because I dont eat Chicken feet. Sorry, I didn't took photos of our orders because I was too sleepy and tired.. my energy was so low.
After our 2nd round of lunch, we went to the hotel. Kuya Rodel reserved us at the My Hotel located at San Pedro Street, Davao City. The accommodation is so affordable and the room was clean and decent enough for me although there was no ref, no free breakfasts but it was OK. Finally, we had a chance to rest and sleep. We woke up around 9pm and tried to order dinner at the hotel's resto but unfortnately the resto was already closed. So we went out to eat. Strolling around San Pedro street, we saw a lot of Jollibee stores, banks such as BPI, metrobank and etc. We explored some streets within the vicinity and found out that there were a lot of places to eat such as Mang Inasal, Jollibee, McDonalds, Chowking, Greenwich, Dunkin Donuts, Mandarin Resto, Kusina de Dabaw and etc. If you need to buy medicines, there's a Mercury drug along San Pedro street. The Munisipyo is also located in San Pedro.  Along the sidewalk, at night, we saw a lot of  fruit vendors. The Lanzones only cost Php15/kilo, Durian for Php30/Kilo and Mangosteen for Php25/Kilo. There's also a live Band too. The hotel's location was great and I think it's safe to walk around. The  common language at Davao City is Bisaya, good thing I know a little bit of it.

My Hotel
San Pedro Street, Davao CIty

Room Rates as of August 27, 2010 ( the day we checked-in)
Single deluxe - Php800
Double deluxe - Php995
Twin deluxe - Php1050
Non-aircon room - Php250

* rates may change, it's better to check their website.

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