Monday, September 27, 2010

Davao Trip 2010: Day 4

We woke up around 6:30am to fix our stuffs and went out to buy pasalubong. We ate breakfast at Jollibee and headed straight to Bangkerohan. Bangkerohan is a public wet market in Davao City. After Bangkerohan, we walked our way to the Munisipyo and Saint Peter's Church. Around 9am, we walked to Aldevinco Shopping Center at C.M Recto street. We bought  Durian ref magnets for 3 for Php100, Durian keychains for php20, sarong for Php150, banig for Php130, Davao t-shirt for Php130, pearl earrings for php80/pair, pearl bracelet for Php150, and handkerchiefs, i forgot the price. After Aldevinco, we went to SM City Davao to buy Lola Abon's durian candies, yemas and mangosteen candies. We also tried the famous Durian Coffee at Blugre Coffee Shop. It was yummy.. a must try! We went back to the hotel to checkout. We got a taxi and stopped by at the Magsaysay Fruits Stand. We bought Pomelos, Durians, Lanzones, and Mangosteens. After that, we headed to the airport for our flight.

Davao city is a beautiful place, I will come back next year to visit Eden Nature park, Philippine Eagle, the Pearl Farm at Samal Island, and also to try the white water rafting. Thanks Kuya Rodel and Yvonne for the invite. I super enjoyed the trip. =D


  1. I love durian candies and mangosteen candies too!

  2. hi ♥peachkins♥, Lola Abon's durian yema is also yummy. ^_^


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