Sunday, June 27, 2010

PBB 2010 Teen Clash Big Winners: James Reid and Ryan Bang

Despite of the disappointment on my online exams..

I was very happy to witness, via TV, my bet for the PBB Big Winner, Ryan Bang, won the 2nd Place in PBB teen clash edition. so Happy! lily happy! Also, I was surprised that James Reid won the Grand Prize .. whoah!!! I'm very happy for him. I only watched the PBB Teen clash because of Ryan, Jenny and James. Too bad Jenny got forced evicted by Kuya. Congratulations to my fave housemates.. Ryan Bang and James Reid! Congratulations!!!! chuva choo.. chuva choo! I'm lily happy! =D

The rankings:
*James Reid – Teen Big Winner got 175,294 votes or 19.75%
*Ryan Bang – Second (2nd) Teen Big Placer got 169,797 votes or 18.70%
*Fretzie Bercede – Third (3rd) Teen Big Placer got 145,176 votes or 15.99%
*Devon Seron – Fourth (4th) Teen Big Placer got 142,876 votes or 15.74%
*Ivan Dorschner – Fifth (5th) Teen Big Placer got 137,402 votes or 15.14%
*Bret Jackson – Sixth (6th) Teen Big Placer got 133,239 votes or 14.68%

Disappointed me ..

My results in an online exam were not great.. oh my oh my! T_T
The exam is consisted of 4 parts and each has a time limit of 45minutes. I took this exam to gauge how well I am in these 4 technologies.

* the 1st exam result is so bad but I guess it only reflects the knowledge I have on that technology. I just know how to start and stop its directory structure.. and nothin' more.. lol!
* the 2nd exam, I scored more than half of the total.. but still I'm disappointed. I need a refresher course.
*the 3rd exam, I got 34 out of 40.. yipeee!
* the last exam, I got 21 out of 36.. it' more than half but still I feel disappointed. I'm not really good in arrays and the tricky logical operators.. haays.. T_T

I need to improve my scores. To be able to achieve it , I will set a self study time with these technologies. I'm crossing my fingers.. I know I can do it..aja! I

Friday, June 25, 2010

PBB Teen Clash 2010: Go go go Ryan Bang!

I'm so happy to know that Ryan Bang made it to the Big 6.. hooray! I'm so happy! lily happy! He's my bet for the Big Winner of PBB Teen Clash 2010. Even though he's not Pinoy, for me, he possessed the qualities to be the next Big Winner of PBB Teen Edition 2010. Hope he wins the Grand prize. Let's vote for Ryan Bang.

Just text BBRYAN and send that to 2331 for GLOBE, 231 for SMART.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Anawangin shots

I just want to share some of my photos when me and my LMS teammates went to do island hopping last May 22,2010. We visited Camara Island, Capones Lighthouse and Anawangin cove. Below are some photos of Anawangin cove. All shots were taken using my Sony Cybershot DSC-W120. The place really amazes me.. a mystical beauty indeed. I done some minor editing to enhance the photos using Photoshop.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kimono Sushi

Category: Restaurant
Cuisine: Japanese
Location: Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Philippines

* Taste - Good
* Presentation - ok
* Service - not that ok
* Cleanliness - ok
* Price - reasonable


Sorry I forgot the name of the ramen.

Chicken Teriyaki

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