Monday, November 8, 2010

Crazy Crepes at Mall of Asia

Me and my Boyfriend was in Mall of Asia to watch a movie. As we were strolling around, I saw this store with a lot of Crepes. 

Because of my curiosity, we tried it out. The place is in the 2nd floor of MOA. It is near the food court along side with Cinnabon. The servers are very cheerful and accommodating. 


We ordered Banana Rocky Road  and Vanilla Mango Crepes.The crepes tasted yummy! The price range is same with Crepes and Cream. The only draw back is.. it's messy to eat. I had a hard time eating my crepe and my boyfriend kept on laughing at me.. he said I was like a kid eating a big ice cream cone.


  1. I also see Crazy Crepes pero BF and I are partial to Crepes and Cream. Ok lang sana itry kaso nasa 4th floor ng mall, VS. Crepes and cream na on the 1st floor. hehe.

    Your orders look yummy! Question though, hindi ba nagli-leak sa ilalim yung ice cream? I haven't tried ordering crepes with ice cream kasi. Thanks!

  2. Messy nga kainin pero it's a great dessert. =)

  3. @madz: in my experience, di naman sya nagleak sa ilalim.. messy lng kainin. =)

    @Badet: korek, messy tlga pero masarap! =)

  4. Walang Crazy Crepes here in Cebu but we have Crepes and Cream. One time we tried eating there, suplada pa yung cashier. Pero yeah... great for dessert. Madali lang akong naumay. My sister compared it to eating a giant pancake na maraming sauce and toppings. :)

  5. wow.. i'm craving for crepes tuloy ;'D the picture looks tempting

  6. i love crepes! my fave are the ones from cafe breton in westgate, alabang. but i think ill have to try this as well =)

  7. @Rose: masarap din sa crepes and cream. kaso nagclose na un branch nila dito sa the Fort. thanks for dropping by. :)

    @tel: buy na! masarap ang crepes. ^_^

    @ayen: yup! masarap un flambeed crepes sa cafe breton plus their coffees. yummy! =)


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