Monday, July 11, 2011

Dinner at Super Bowl of China after Krizzia's Mall tour

After a long walk and strolling from Market Market, Serendra, Bonifacio Hi-Street, The Fort, Glorietta 5, Glorietta 4, Landmark and Greenbelt. We had a chance to rest our feet and relax our body and indulge at Super Bowl of China located at Glorietta 4. The place ambiance is warm and cozy. The servers were very cheerful and accommodating, though their service is a bit slow.

Catcat and Krizzia with their drinks - Red Iced tea and Black Gulaman

 Ongpin Fried Chicken Chunks. Catcat's request. The chicken were crispy and yummy. Catcat ate a lot of rice because of this. By the way, this is served with chili ketchup.

Chorizo fried rice. Yummy! Catcat was able to consume half of the servings.  Because of that I ordered another plate of it.

Chinese Style beef. Allen said  it tasted liked a tocino. The beef is so easy to chew. 

Overall, we were very satisfied with our orders.

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