Friday, January 21, 2011

Lunch at Bahay Kawayan

This is a late post. Last December 4, me, my bf and his 2 younger sisters went to Saint Monique Valais to check my auntie's unit. After we visited SMV, we went to their cousin's house at Angono, Rizal. His cousin's wife suggested to eat out at Bahay Kawayan since she didn't cooked food for lunch because she was alone at home. 

Bahay Kawayan is situated along the hi-way so it is easy to locate. The only problem with the area is parking. In my opinion, Bahay Kawayan is a Traditional Filipino Restaurant. The place is homey. Most of their servers were a bit old based on my observation. Anyhow the menu is printed in the paper served as a plate mat.

The foods. For appettizer, we ordered Enseladang Mangga. For those who didn't know Enseladang Mangga, it's a famous Filipino food. A mix of salty eggs, green mangoes, onions and tomatoes.. yummy!

The Crispy Pata. My Bf's sister who just arive from Canada wanted to eat Crispy Pata. This was perfectly cooked..crispy and tender.

Sinigang na Isda. Sorry, I don't know the name of the fish. This one is also delicious. I like the sourness of the soup plus the fish was  freshly cooked.

Inihaw na Pusit. My Bf's favorite. This one was grilled perfectly. Sweet and yummy to taste.

Overall, it was a great experience eating at Bahay Kawayan. I will visit this again to try their other menus. By the way, I'm not sure if they accept credit card transactions.

Thanks Ate Avic for the lunch treat! Sarap! ^.^


  1. Mel, the crispy pata and grilled squid got me hungry.Ang laki ng servings nila! Makapag breakfast na nga :|

  2. oooh! I love inihaw na pusit... not the chewy kind though. I love soups so the sinigang really looks good from here :)

  3. I suddenly craved for salted eggs-mangoes salad. Yummy! I wish Bahay Kawayan is just around the corner. :)

  4. Hmmm.. that fish looks like tilapia to me dear. Isn't it tilapia? Hey, I love pusit so so much. Ahhh.. kakagutom ang post mo. Lol.

  5. It's 11:45AM, lunchtime and I'm hungry. I'm dieting but this post is making me crave for crispy pata :)

    Visiting from GT!

  6. Credit cards are not accepted in Bahay Kawayan :)

  7. I think the fish in sinigang soup is dalad (mudfish)!

  8. Paano po pumnta dyan poyd paano ng addrss slmat


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