Saturday, January 29, 2011

Spaghetti Factory @ Glorietta 5

It was a Friday date night, a night before my bf's departure to SG with his siblings for vacation. We were in search for a good resto to eat. The question "San mo gusto kumain" popped out and I answered "anywhere". My bf asked "ano gusto mo kainin" and I replied "hmmm.. pasta naman para maiba". My first choice is The Old Spaghetti House but we  weren't able to find it in Glorietta. So we opt to try the Spaghetti Factory. 

The Place is good, clean and the servers are very accommodating during that time. The ambiance is homey. We chose the table located at the veranda for a change.. overlooking Glorietta 4 and Ascott hotel. The store manager was the one who took our orders. My orders were Carbonara Alla Elizabeta and Fried Calamari Rings. My bf ordered Monster Meatballs pasta.

Fried Calamari Ring (Php 99). This one is good. My bf ate most of my share; maybe he's really hungry at that time. Overall, the calamari rings were cooked rightly and the sauce was great.

Carbonara Alla Elizabeta. Love the creaminess of this pasta. It's a mix of Ham, egg, bacon and their secret herb cream sauce. A must try!

Monster Meatball (Php 189.00). The meatball was huge. My bf  liked the taste of the pasta but not the olives. I had a taste of this and for me the carbonara is much better.

My overall experience with this resto is great. I will definitely come back to try their other foods in their menu.


  1. The meatball is kinda funny looking. :)

    What was wrong with the olives? Or did it not just jive well with the overall taste?

  2. I've never tried SPaghetti Factory before. But now that I've read good reviews, I hope I could try out your recommendation... alla Elizabeth :) I'm a fan of spaghetti but not the creamy ones :)

  3. @Madz: Hi Madz! The olives are fine, my boyfriend just don't like olives. funny nga un meatball, now ko lng napansin..:)

    @Chew on This: go sis try it out.. that was my 1st time to eat at Spaghetti factory, so far it was a good experience. ;)

  4. Ahhh... the carbonara looks yummy. :) Fave ko sa pasta eh yung mga cream-based sauces lately. Thank goodness we have Spaghetti Factory here in Cebu. I think I'll try those dishes you recommended one of these days.

  5. furst thing I noticed was the meatball as well. hehehe. i don't think we tried spagetti factory but you pic looks yummy. which is better, spag factory or TOSH? im a fan of TOSH! =)

  6. hi.. the carbonara is mouthwatering. i will try spaghetti factory in my manila trip this february. new follower here from GT. hope you could visit my blog too. :)

  7. Mmmm... I want to try that Monster Meatball. Their tomato sauce isn't sweet right? I'm averse towards sweet spaghetti unless it's Jollibee. hehe

  8. ate here before but didnt like it. we prefer TOSH.


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