Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pizza Hut: Php99 meals

One of my favorite pizza parlor in our country. I'm really glad that they still offer the Php99 meal. So sulit!

Cream of mushroom

Cream of Chicken

Chili con Carne Spaghetti

Hawaiian and Cheeseburger pizzas


  1. I love Pizza Hut's buddy meals. It is very affordable. Sulit talaga! My favorites are cream of mushroom and cheeseburger pizza. :)

  2. im curious about the chili con spaghetti. how was it??

  3. i always order the 99 meal for my baby. bolognese and cream of chicken are her favorite! =)

  4. sulit talaga yung 99 meal nila :)

  5. I loke Pizza Hut's soups. SUlit nga sya for only 99 pesos. =)

  6. @pinkcookies: it tasted like a usual chili con carne with pasta. pwede na for the price. :)

    @karla, nuna,kath and average jane: korek! super sulit. :)

    thanks for visiting my blog mga pretty sisses! :D


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