Saturday, September 17, 2011

My quick fave snacks at The Sandwich Guy

1. The Pesto Pasta - Php75. Whenever I order this, I always tell the server to lessen the amount of Olive oil and put a little more of peanuts. Yumyum!

2. The Kaya Toast - Php 25. Easy on the pocket and most of all, fave ko ang coconut jam!

3. Almod Jelly - Php35.  This one is refreshing!


  1. Wow the kaya toast looks nice. Is it real kaya jam or just the local coco jam? :) I also request that they put less oil in the pasta.. and no mayo or condiments (except for catsup & Plain mustard) on my sandwich. I usually order crabstick & mangoes or pollo rosmarino :)

    the chili con carne based potato was so filling but the chili con isn't pure meat (a bit fatty) so i'll still prefer wendy's,

  2. @pinkc00kies: local coco jam sis..
    @michi: yep! affordable ang kaya toast. :)

  3. Interesting way to serve pasta :) And the peanut overload sure does look yummy.


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