Monday, January 23, 2012

Army Navy: The First Time

It was my first time to eat at Army Navy.
We went to McKinley Hill Branch.
It was lunch time and there were a lot of people
coming in and out of the store.
I ordered chicken and iced tea. 
While my teammates opt for burgers.
Waiting time.
tik tok tik tok

oooppps! sorry! 
my tummy is saying something..

my small intestine was gone?
how come?
large intestine ate it? waaahhhh!
LOLs! I'm just kiddin'

we waited for more than 45 minutes to get our orders.
super gutom na kami.

Here's my order

Whoah! big crispy chickens! yum!

Their iced tea tasted good too!

Rex's order.. a gigantic burger!

3 beef patties.. 
ewan ko na lng kung di sya nabusog nyan! LOLs!

I am very satisfied with my orders 
despite of the loooooong waiting time. @_@
For the price of food, it's a bit high for me.
I will try their Burritos on my next visit.
Coming Soon! :D


  1. It's been years since I last ate at Army Navy. I like their burgers, but the 45 minutes you guys had to wait was too much in my opinion.. >.< Anyway, hope I can pay Army Navy a visit soon. That burger is so drool worthy! :)

  2. my sister likes their chicken! but I'd always go for the burger.. just w/ 1 patty though & sans mayonnaise!! oooh im craving now!

  3. I love their food. I always order their burritos and quesadillas.

  4. Love their freedom fries. How's their chicken?

  5. Hi sis Badet, their chicken tasted good. :)


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