Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sakae Sushi: The 2nd time

Me and my family had a late lunch at Sakae Sushi, Robinsons Manila. It was my 2nd time to try their eat all you can sushi. We enjoyed the foods and the service.. it was superb! Sharing you some photos.

The sushi conveyor

hot tea

Ramune (lemon lime flavor)

Ramune again (bubble gum flavor, not sure)

Teriyaki chicken

my miso soup

Start of my sushi all you can.. tantararantantan!

Sorry guys, i only shot a few photos.. busy eating.. ahahaha!

 fish strips

the shrimps

Failed! I just consume 6 plates.


  1. They have new dishes na pala for the eat-all-you-can sushi! :) Sakae sushi was my fave sushi joint back in the days.. Now, I don't find their sushi all satisfying tastewise though.. ^^ But I still love their iced green tea and miso soup.. :)

    Visiting from GT. Hope you can visit back. Oh, and I'm following your blog now sis.. ^^

    Sumi of

  2. thanks sis for visiting. I followed your blog too. :)

  3. I agree with Sumi, iced green tea FTW :)

  4. Ate at sakae sushi once but never tried their eat all u can sushi. Hopefully next time matry ko na :)

  5. Thank you for posting this sis! I am dying to try the Sushi conveyor belt experience but I heard bad reviews about sakae but still It looks soooo tempting~ Thank your for the review, we might visit this sometime!

    followed you sis.

    Do visit my blog!




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