Monday, November 15, 2010

Beware of Bag Snatchers and Pickpocket Thieves

I would just like to Inform and Warn my dear readers about the Bag Snacthers and Pickpocket thieves. 
Last November 7, 2010, me and my bf  attended the 5:30pm mass at Shrine of Jesus Church near Mall of Asia.When the mass was ended, we decided to stay a bit because there were a lot of people goin' out of the church. When we went out from the first door of the church, my bf felt that someone took his wallet. His first reaction is to look and follow/catch the thief but because of too many people in the church, it was very impossible to spot who it was. We reported the incident to the church's administration and security. They just took our contact numbers. My bf was so shocked and disgusted of what happened. We hurriedly contacted his credit card provider to block it, same with his other ATM accounts. We went to the MOA's Customer Service Admin and Security to report because the parking ticket was also in his wallet. My bf was requested to write an incident report. The MOA's CSAS were very accommodating and waived the parking ticket fee. They also assisted us to go to the nearest Police Station to report the incident and to get a copy of Police report to be used as a requirement for reporting and requisition of the stolen credit cards, ATMs and driver's license. It was a very hassle experience with me and my bf.

Another incident happened yesterday, November 14, 2010, at Jollibee, Harbor Square near PICC. It was my inaanak's 2nd birthday. My friend, who just arrived from Dubai, went there to attend the party. Unfortunately her bag was stolen by three women when Jollibee was dancing to the tune of "Nobody" by wonder girls. My friend told me that she just put back the ballpen to her bag and after 1 minute when she look back, her bag was gone. One of the guests in the party, told us that she saw 3 women  (2 fat and 1 slim) who kept on looking/observing the party. She thought that they could be possible guests who were just late to arrive. My friend's husband quickly run to the 3 women but he never caught them. We tried to contact her phone and sent a sms message to the snatchers to bring back the ids and some important documents. The snatchers replied back that they left the bag at the "Select" store. My friend's husband went to seek a policeman to accompany them to get the bag. They searched every possible gas station that has "Select" store. My friend, Karen, talked to Jollibee's Store Manager if they had previous experience of theft on their store. The store manager answered back that this was there 1st time.  The Jollibee store also has no CCTV camera, so there was no way to identify the thieves.  After a 2 hour search, they didn't get the bag back.  They went to  Malate Police station to file an incident report. Good thing, she left her passport at home. She will go back to Dubai this coming Nov. 26, 2010. The memorable line I heard from my friend was:

"Mel, napanood ko lng ito sa TV, di ko akalain na mangyayari din sa akin. 
Nakakapanghina sobra.Di ko alam gagawin ko." 

She was so shocked while uttering those lines. I knew what she felt that time, it also happened to me last March 2009.

Witnessing those incidents made me feel scared and disgusted. My experienced with Dura-Dura Gang instantly flash back in my mind. I felt very sorry for my bf and my girl friend, I know they worked hard for their money and their valuable stuffs. And at the same time, I'm very thankful to God that both of them were Safe and that's more important.

So to my dear readers, be OBSERVANT, be ALERT and be SAFE at ALL TIMES. Christmas is coming, there will be a lot of bad people roaming around the Metro.

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  1. Yup we need to be extra careful. There's so many people who could take advantage of you in the streets. I guess people are running out of ways to make money for their basic needs to resort to this. Pero unforgivable lang talaga ang mga disenteng magnanakaw.

  2. yup, unforgivable talaga sila. Anyhow, I believe in karma.


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