Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lunch at Bugsy's Bar and Bistro

Bugsy's Bar and Bistro is known for their Tapa. 
I find their tapa delicious and juicy, that's the main reason why I always order it.
Aside from their Tapa, I have tried other dishes from their menu.

I and my hubby along with shobe 
had a late lunch at Bugsy's The Fort branch.

For Appetizer, we ordered the Calamares. 
It was served hot and crispy outside.
The squid ring inside tasted fresh and juicy..Yummy!

My sis in law, ordered grilled porkchops. 
The dish has 2 pieces of grilled porkchops.  
Thus, she wasn't able to consume all of it.
She said it tasted good and worth the money.

I ordered grilled Italian sausages with mashed potato as side dish.
I love how the way they cooked the mashed potato.. yumyum!
The sausage is spicy but delicious.

My hubby ordered the southern fried porkchops. 
When I saw it, I said WOW! Because it has 2 huge porkchops. 
The taste of the porkshop is ok, nothing special to rave about, 
same  with  the white sauce.

A glimpse of their bar..

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  1. i've heard about this! the grilled porkchops look yummy!


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