Friday, January 1, 2010

Printing problem in Epson LX-300+

I'm having a problem on how to print data on a pre-formatted continuous form in Epson LX-300+ printer. The form's size is 5"x3". In a short bond paper, 3 forms can be printed.
Using a report creator for VB6, in preview document, the data is positioned correctly.
When I tried to print the data, the 1st page printed correctly but the succeeding prints were not. I noticed that whenever the printer loads the next page, the printing starts from a different location. I googled for possible solutions and I found out that Epson LX-300+ is not designed to do receipt printings.( oh no!) Based from the forums that I've read, they suggested to use the printer.print codes to handle dot matrix printers.

Printer.ScaleMode = 6
Printer.Orientation = 1
Printer.FontSize = 13
Printer.Font = "Arial"

[b]Printer.CurrentX = 10
Printer.CurrentY = 10
Printer.Print "Line 1"


-- oR --

Open "LPT1:" For Output Access Write As #1
Print #1, Chr(27); Chr(107); Chr(3); 'font
Print #1, Chr(27); Chr(77); 'pitch 12
Print #1, Chr(27); Chr(120); Chr(1); 'letter quality
Print #1, "Hello"
Close #1

To be able to move to another page, the programmer should track the lines in a form. Then prints a series of blank lines until you reach the top of the next page.

I'm going to try this.. hope I can do it right.
aja! ^_^

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  1. forgot to post the solution..what i only did was to set the margins to 0 and the printing went well. ^_^


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