Monday, February 1, 2010

Taking IT to the Cloud

As we all know, Cloud Computing is the latest trend nowadays in IT. But Cloud Computing is very broad and vague in terms of definition that is why I'm so curious about it. Based from my research, a lot of companies have plans to move to the cloud because it offers a lot especially in business financial terms. A lot of cloud computing service providers offers a pay-per-use service. You will be billed based from the bandwidth you use.. it is cheaper than setting up your own infrastructure. But before moving your infra to the cloud, you should consider several risks such as data security and integrity, disaster recovery and etc. So better do some research. I really wanted to try Cloud Computing.. to have a hands-on experience in setting up an application so I can better understand it. Unfortunately, I don't have the means to get myself an account.. i wish there's a free account. I'm very thankful that there's an internet and google search. I found Thomas Bittman's blog very helpful. His blog gives a lot of information about cloud computing and it is worth reading for.

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