Tuesday, March 2, 2010

[Modus Operandi] Dura - Dura Gang

It's been 1 year since my Sony ericsson P1i phone was stolen by the Dura - Dura Gang last March 2, 2009. As I recall, I was on my way going to the office at Fort Bonifacio. I was riding a jeepney from C5 Blueboz street going to Market Market around 10am. There were 4 guys in their mid 30s to late 40s. All of them were wearing decent office attire clothes. While inside the jeep, the guy (with a clutch bag) in front of me told me that there was a "dura" on my back. Then I asked myself how did he saw that? he was in front of me. Oh my, i felt I'm in trouble. I tried to observe the passengers and saw that there were 2 guys beside me in my left near the door, 1 in front of me and the other one seating at the back of the driver. The one guy seating beside me at the left has a big black bag. I wanted to leave the jeep but there were no people walking by at the sidewalks of C5. If I leave the jeep the 4 guys might follow me and i would be in much greater trouble. I was very nervous during that time but I tried to be calm as much as possible. I prayed to God to save me. The guy in front of me kept on talking and talking. the one at the left also spoke up. They kept on talking to distract all the passengers. The one in front offered to help me removing the saliva at my back. but i wont. he still insisted but i hardly say no. then suddenly I felt there was something moving inside my bag. But I pretended that i didn't notice it. I kept on praying to God to save and protect me from these bad people. The guy in front of me shouted "para" before the bridge going up to market market. And I noticed that the other 3 guys also followed him. Then I checked my bag and my P1i phone was gone. I was surprised they didn't get my wallet.. I wonder why? my wallet is bigger and longer than my phone. Anyway, what important is I'm safe. With this incident, I already had a trauma riding a jeepney from C5. I always observe the passengers and if i saw someone suspicious i will not ride on that jeep or I'll leave and take another one. It's better to be safe than sorry. So to all of you BEWARE and BE ALERT. I'm hoping those 4 guys are already caught and sent to jail forever and ever.

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