Monday, July 12, 2010

Jajan's 5th Birthday

Yesterday is Jajan's 5th Birthday. I remember when I was in Singapore (last week, July 3 to 10) my mom told me that Jajan was looking for me. He kept on saying to my mom "Nasaan na si tita? baket ang tagal tagal niya naman umuwi? dapat umuwi na sya". Hearing those stories from my mom made me felt sad coz I miss home too.. i miss the kids., i miss my mom.. and i miss my howe. So when I arrived last July 10, Jajan hugged me so tightly and said "tita baket ang tagal tagal mo umuwi? Birthday ko na tomorrow.. where is my gift?". Aha! that's the reason why he kept on looking for me..hahaha! My pasalubong for him was a spiderman pencil case that was his request. He immediatley transferred his pencils from his old pencil case to the new one.. and said "ang ganda ng pencil case tita". His birthday came and I told him that we will watch Toy Story 3 in 3D at IMAX. Me and my howe treated out the kids. Going home, I saw from Jajan's eyes how happy and enjoyed he was. Well, all of us enjoyed Toy Story 3 but I'm happy with what I witness in my pamangkin's eyes.. genuine happiness from a kid. :)

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