Friday, February 18, 2011

Dinner at UCC Cafe, Mall of Asia

This is another late post, I just saw these pics while browsing my files and I forgot to blog about it. So lets go to my food trip experience.

I was at Mall of Asia with my boyfriend. It was dinner time and we haven't decided where to eat. My boyfriend suggested to eat at UCC, because he wanted to try UCC's curry rice.  We went to the cafe and I ordered their Clubhouse Sandwich and Beef Hayashi & Curry Rice for my boyfriend. The place has a cozy ambiance.

The Clubhouse Sandwich. It's a Triple-Decker Japanese bread with bacon, cheese, egg, ham,  and grilled chicken. The taste is good but nothing fancy. The sandwich can be shared by 2 persons.

The Beef Hayashi and  Curry Rice. This is a Hamburg patty in hayashi sauce and Japanese curry divided by steamed white rice in the center. Unfortunately, my boyfriend didn't like it.. the beef was not juicy and the curry sauce tasted differently. He didn't even finished his food instead he ate the other half of my sandwich.

This is another unhappy food trip experience for me and for my boyfriend. The next time I will dine at UCC Cafe, I will just order coffee and crepes.


  1. Hmm... Sarap. Mahal dito di ba?

  2. For something as pricey as UCC meals, it really would be a big disappointment when everything is just so-so. :) thanks for the review. I will definitely avoid ordering those :)

  3. Regarding crepes, which of their crepes would you recommend Mel? I haven't tried anything from them. :)

  4. The picture says otherwise, they look very delicious to me, reminds me of a breakfast favorite, beef tapa meal. It's definitely not worth going or even try if it's just not-as-good as we see. :)

  5. @arch: carry mo naman un price dito e. :p
    @Chew on this: welcome sis.
    @madz: i like their mango crepe and blueberry crepe.
    @evan: i agree.


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