Saturday, February 26, 2011

My First Time at Cafe Breton, Trinoma

Another late post. My friend, Frank, treated me and my boyfriend for desserts. He took us to Cafe Breton. This was my 1st time to dine at Cafe Breton, Trinoma. I am clueless on what to order, so I asked them if they have any recommendations. After browsing their menu and as suggested by my boyfriend, I ordered the Cafe Au Lait Decaf and the Flaming Chocolate Crepe. Frank ordered the Mango Crepe with Mango Ice cream.

Cafe Au Lait. My coffee and it has a cute presentation. The coffee is good and perfect for my ordered crepe.

The Flaming Crepe. Sorry I forgot the name. This was my first time to see a flaming crepe, I was so amazed. I like it.. so yummy but pricey. 

The Mango crepe with Mango Icecream. I was able to taste it and this is also delicious.

I will definitely visit this cafe again and will try their other crepes and coffees. I heard they have a branch at Tagaytay.. hmmm.. hope I can visit that branch soon.


  1. I've never been to Cafe Breton because it sounds too expensive :) like the new cafe in El Pueblo - Cafe 1771... one of those places I would be afraid to go in without a certain amount of budget for it.

  2. @chew on this: Me too, I'm afraid to dine at cozy restos or cafes if I don't have enough moolah to spend. For me, Cafe Breton is expensive but they're crepes are really good. It's worth a try sis. ;)

  3. The Mango crepe looks very delicious :). Hala naglalaway na ko haha!

  4. oo nga,, katakam takam,, hehehe,, looks very yummy!

  5. @mav and mye: korek sisses! yummy rin un mango crepe. :)

  6. Cafe Breton is a little pricey but their coffee is soooo good! My favorite coffee shop.


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