Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Corned Beef ala Mel

I just cooked corned beef for my pamangkids. I'm not a good cook but I'm glad they liked it.

1 can of  Argentina Corned beef
a handful of french fries (there were no potatoes in our fridge at that time)
grated cheese
cloves of garlic
sliced/chopped onions
cooking oil
  1. heat the oil and sautee onions and garlics
  2. fry the french fries until light golden brown
  3. next stir fry the corned beef with the french fries, onions and garlics
  4. stir fry for 10 minutes or less
  5. put grated cheese
  6. serve


  1. wow! parang ginawang french fry dip ang corned beef :D great idea sis!

  2. nice idea with the french fries :)

  3. Whoaaa... this is a nice recipe. I'll try this one of these days but I'll use my favorite Purefoods corned beef.:) Hehe!

  4. thanks! natuwa kayo sa idea ko. masarap sya promise. try nyo rin. :)

  5. nice recipe sis! like, why didn't i think of this before? haha. will try this sometime. =) keep cooking!


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