Friday, April 29, 2011

Lunch at Ying-Ying's Tea House

Another late post. It was a post valentine date with bf and shobe. We ate at Ying-Ying's Tea house at Binondo. It was my first time. When we arrive at the resto, it was full and there were a few waiting customers. I think we waited for 30 minutes before we got a seat. The place is a typical Chinese resto that you will find in Binondo.

The foods. My bf ordered Fried Squid. At first, I thought it is like a calamares with breadings but when it was served I was wrong. The taste is OK, masarap but its a bit oily. 

The Crispy Lemon Chicken. The lemon sauce is OK but not the chicken. The chicken is not crispy seemed it was cooked a few hours ahead and maybe they just reheated it. 

The Yang Chow Fried Rice. I like their version of Yang Chow. Yum!

The Hot and Sour Soup. Bf's favorite soup. This one is also OK.

Ying-Ying's Milk Tea. My new favorite. It's delicious for Php50.00.

The Shiao long pao. This is worth trying too. Yum!

The unknown dimsum.. ahahaha!  Sorry, I forgot the name. But this is also good. :)

Overall, I'm satisfied with our orders except for the Lemon Chicken. I will definitely come back to try their other foods.


  1. I love lemon chicken sis. But I want the newly-cooked ones. I would really hate it if I detect that the food they served were reheated.

  2. Wow sis, you guys had a feast! I love the fried squid, looks yummy :)

  3. thanks for the comments. the squid is indeed yummy. however, their milk tea is my favorite.:)


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