Thursday, April 21, 2011

Purple Oven's Chocolate Cake

It was my mom's birthday and my sister bought a cake for mom as a gift. I'm allergic to chocolates but it didn't stop me to try this cake... a sweet temptation! The cake is yummy! By the way, Purple Oven is one of Starbucks' suppliers.

Purple Oven's Contact Details:
#63 St. Peter Street, Oranbo, Pasig City
(02) 631-4221, (02) 910-1364, (02) 910-1363, (0906) 315-7661


  1. Yum yum. Sarap naman nyan. Padala ka naman dito. hehe.

  2. allergic ka sa chocolate? yiikes.. kj naman. hehehe just kidding! inuman mo nalang ng gamot 30 min before you eat... hehehe

  3. we just bought chocolate campfire cake and it was my 1st time to try purple oven (buying a cake directly from them since i buy in starbucks always). omg, it's to die for! :D


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