Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lunch: Pesto Pasta by French Baker

One Wednesday afternoon, after I finished my morning errands. 
I went to Mall of Asia to eat lunch.
I went to French Baker, one of my fave resto in MOA.

I ordered Pesto Pasta.
 I was surprised when I saw it.. it's creamy and with chicken bits. 
It was my first time to try that kind of pesto pasta..
it tasted good!

For dessert, I ordered a peach danish bread.. yum!


  1. This pesto pasta look so good! I'm drooling just by the sight of it. I've only eaten at French Baker twice. Next time I'll be there, I'll get the pesto too :D

  2. I like pesto pasta.. but i'd prefer if it's oil-based and not cream :P

  3. French Baker is one of my go to places whenever I am craving for pasta and good breads. I love their pesto too! :)


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