Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tinapay from Bread Talk

Before going home, me and shobe went to Bread Talk 
to buy some foodies to eat for midnight snack. 
Yes, midnight snack! Ang heavy noh?! Lols!
These are the foodies we bought.

Fire Floss, Cheese Floss, Pizza breads 
and forgot the name of the other one.

A closer look

I also bought mini cakes because their cute.. ahahaha!
This one is green tea cake.

It looks cute but it tasted weird 
maybe because of the Green Tea flavoring..
or it's just me.

The Tiramisu. This one is delicious. 
Chocolate flavor with a taste of rhum.
I like it!


  1. I used to always buy breads and mini cakes from Bread Talk too! :D

  2. the other one is Raisin Pillow which was just so-so, tried it before. Their Raisin Braid is better! Anyway, what I love there is the Milkiway & Choco Cheezymada (w/c is not available anymore). I'd always but choco-covered croissant for my sister naman. Their new branch in Market2 opened na, finally!!

  3. Breadtalk is my go-to place whenever I need to carbo-load! Nice photos :) It made me crave for a bread floss.


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