Friday, February 24, 2012

Korean Ice Cream Bars

 After eating lunch, me and my teammates decided to buy some desserts. So we went out and tried the Korean Ice cream bar  in a Korean grocery in Burgos Circle. 

yaikks! expired na ata!

We bought 5 ice cream bars for Php 100. I bought a red bean flavored ice cream and winter melon for my teammates. 

Picture muna bago kain di ba mike

Feel na feel ni Dandan ang Ice cream!

Sarap ng ice cream! Very Refreshing and very Sulit for Php20!


  1. i love melona!! i wanna try the fish-shaped ice cream with red beans!

  2. I love melona too! :D I usually buy those back in college since our cafeteria sells them.

  3. i♥pinkc00kies: i want to try it too, kaso lagi out of stock un red bean fish ice cream.
    Sumi Go: I am lovin' melona too, i just discovered it via my hubby.

    thanks for dropping by sisses! :)

    1. how's that red bean ice bar?? yummy? maybe i'll look for that too :)

    2. yes, red beans + creaminess = yummy!
      if you love red beans, you'll definitely like it. :)

  4. Have you tried the ice cream bread which looks like a fish filled with red bean as well? I forgot the name of it!

  5. @Lovely Tan: yes, i have created an entry for it. masarap pala un samanco fish ice cream sandwich. you should try it sis.. :)

  6. Ok! Will look for that post! : )

  7. How much yun samanco at saan makakabili dito sa manila?


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