Friday, June 10, 2011

I want a Crocs - Lily Holiday Bling Shoes

Today, June 9,  is the first day of Crocs Mega sale at NBC tent. I went there around 9:30am. I was shocked when I saw the super duper mega long lines. It was my first time to attend a crocs mega sale. I was hoping if I could buy a Lily Holiday Bling shoes. 

A few months ago, I first saw the Lily Holiday Bling shoes in Crocs Mall of Asia, I fell in love with its design so I saved money for a couple of months so I could buy a pair of it. Unfortunately, it's already out of stock in most of the Crocs branches I searched through. When I heard the crocs mega sale, I said to myself.."baka dun meron, ma-try nga". 

Pero ang haba sobra ng pila sa NBC tent! Estimating the time and considering the amount of people, it might took me an hour or more to go inside the tent plus another hour/s for paying for it in the cashier. It was already 10:30am and I was still outside, waiting in the rain. After a long time of thinking, I decided to leave and go to the office instead. My heartbreaks while walking away from NBC tent.

Haays.. I really want a pair of Crocs - Lily Holiday Bling Shoes in Black.. 
nakakalungkot.. T_T


  1. It's pretty! If you hadn't posted about this, I would have thought this was from a different brand.

  2. unfortunately, i wasn't able to buy one.. out of stock na sya madz.. T_T

  3. Hi there!!! got one from HK last week super super sale 50% off... size 6


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