Sunday, January 9, 2011

Girl Bonding at Cyma Restaurant

This is a late post. Me and my girlfriends from college went out to bond and chitchat over dinner at Cyma Restaurant at Greenbelt. It's been a year since me and my friends had a get together. Before we start to talk about our lives we ordered first. We ordered Roka Pasta, Roka Salad, Paidakia, and Spinach and artichoke Fondue.

The Roka Salad. This one is so delicious! It has a unique taste, a mix of sweetness, a little bit spicy,sour,  hmmm.. I'm out of words.. basta for me, I will order this again if  i'm going back to Cyma. It also has candied walnuts. Yummy!

The Spinach and artichoke Fondue. This one is also yummy! I love the mix taste of sun-dried tomatoes, melting cheese and feta. Especially when you combine it with pita and the garlic bread. yummy!

The Paidakia. Cyma's most popular food. It is a char-grilled lamb ribs. Tender and so tasteful. I'm not into lambs but this one is also good.

The Roka Pasta. I did not enjoy this pasta. You know why? Because this was served late and my stomach was so full of the salad, ribs and the fondue. But, I still tried a little serving of it and it tasted good.

Overall, I enjoyed my bonding moments with my girlfriends. I missed them so much. Oh by the way, we went to Starbucks to drink coffee and to continue our chikkas. We went home around 1am.


  1. nakakagutom naman niyan..

  2. masarap tlga un naorder namin shen.. un nga lng pricey. tara, pa-treat tyo kay ahya ronron. ^_^

  3. I've always been a fan of spinach and artichoke fondue... if only we know how to make it homemade. Unfortunately, I don't know where to get artichokes.

  4. wow! I want! I want! I want! *lol*

    especially the Roka Salad... I want to try that :D


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