Monday, October 25, 2010

Max's Kare-Kare at Tiendesitas

Last October 9, 2010, we visited Saint Monique Valais to check the unit of my auntie/tita. We were surprised of the electric bill, it's too high as in sky high.. the bill went up to 
Php 42,926.15 even though there was no one living in the unit. The electric power box was tampered. Anyway, I don't want to rant about it. I checked out the vicinity, and there are units who already have gates. I was thinking if my tita can put up a gate too for security reasons.

After Saint Monique Valais, we went straight to Tiendesitas to have dinner. We decided to eat at Max's Restaurant. I ordered 3 Basic meal for the 2 kids and for my on-diet mode boyfriend and a Beef Kare-Kare for me and my mom. 

The place is not that big but it's clean and the ambiance is homey. The servers are very accommodating and cheerful. They also sell different kinds of breads.

Max's Basic Meal

Max's Beef Kare-Kare


 About the food, the chicken is delicious and crispy  because CatCat, my pamangkin, ate 2 cups of rice. The Beef Kare-Kare is delicious too, and it has lots of meats and veggies. The Bagoong is also good, it compliments the taste of Kare-Kare.The price of Kare-Kare is Php 325, a bit pricey for me but it's all worth it. My mom told me that she loves Max's Kare-Kare. And she kept on talking about it when we got home. 

It's  another hearty dinner with my family. =)


  1. haven't tried any of max's pastries, but they look yummy. might try some next time i dine there. ^_^

  2. Tsk tsk the bill is really high. grabe naman :(

    Sa Cavite may billboard palagi ang Max sa Bacoor and there was a time na ang featured sa billboard ay kare-kare. Masarap pala siya pero dapat hanap ng kashare since medyo pricey. :) Glad you guys had a nice dinner. Masarap din ang sweet and spicy chicken ng Max.

    Btw, saw your link pala in GT. Take care :)

  3. mmm... kare-kare! mmmm... caramel bar! The best Max's can offer!

    OMG! taas ng bill. For what period ba yun? one month lang sis? Panu ba yan dini-dispute sa Meralco?

  4. @blackshirt13: thanks for visiting my site. :)

    @karla: will try the spicy chicken on my next visit. thanks! =)

    @hangingbridge: that's for 1 month.. 3 blocks of houses un naka-tap.. ni-raise na un ng tita ko sa Filmal Realty (Developer) and sa Homeowners Association ng Saint Monique Valais. She gave them a complaint letter with pictures. Plus may receive copy pa para wala silang lusot na di nila natanggap un complain. they will investigate and solve the billing problem "daw" sabi ni Sir Francis and Engineer Ice. Hope they do.

  5. @hangingbridge: i forgot to say thank you for dropping by :)


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