Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Halloween 2010: Here Comes the Bride

Our division had a decor contest for the Halloween. The mechanics is to use recyclable materials in decorating each teams' aisle. My team is very competitive to join the contest., we had lots of ideas. The 1st idea is a scary train, but we decided not to pursue it because we might not be able to finish it for 2 days.  The 2nd idea is a Funeral, it's easy to do but that idea is so common. My team wanted something unique and we want to standout with the rest of our competitors. So my team came up with the "Black Ball" but it end up  to be a Transylvania Castle with a Bride. We started doing the decoration last October 14 and were done decorating it last October 15, 2010. Everyone is very cooperative and resourceful. I enjoyed doing the decorations especially when me and Alreen stuffing up the stockings  with shredded papers for the Bride's arms and legs. The shredder machine got overheat.. I  was so nervous.. I thought I broke it.. ahahahaa! Good thing, it worked again.  I was so excited to see the result of our team's hard work and creativity.. And the end result.. a Modern, Simple yet Elegant version of Scary Halloween. A lot of people in our office got scared of our "Bride", even the security guards. At the same time, there are a lot of my office mates took photos of my team's creation. The judgment day came, October 29,2010. We won the 2nd place in our Division Contest. I'm so happy. I'm so Proud of you Guys!!! Below are few photos of our decor. 

She's waiting for you..

Our creation.. the Bride - Miss Mystery Girl of our Team

A closer look.. isn't she lovely?

The Ex-Boyfriend

The Groom

 The Bride's Maids - Macon and Me

Below are the other teams' decor.

The 3rd Placer

 The Winner


Plants vs. Zombies

 Jajan, the Spiderman, with  his two cute fairies! Trick or Treat!


  1. I would've awarded your section First Place! Seriously, the Bride theme is really cool. Kudos to you and your team sis! :)

  2. Scary sis yung bride at the end of the cubicle hallway. Ang fun ng office niyo sis :)

  3. love the bride... will definitely run away if i found out that my bride looks like her!

  4. perfect ang decor nyo mama mel! :)
    para sakin Here Comes the Bride is the big winner! wooot! ^_^

  5. Galing! I really saw how hard you guys worked on this. Lam mo para overwhelming ang panalo nyo, dapat ikaw ang bride. Naku lotus feet!Nyahahahaha! :P
    For me, you guys deserve the first place. Kudos!

  6. cool!!! ang galing! we had our own holloween decoration contest as well and im not ashamed to say that yours were better talaga. good job!

  7. mama mel, ang galing ng team nyo.
    scary ung bride!
    para sa akin yan ang number 1.. ^_^
    innovative and modern ^_^


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