Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Movie day with Karen: Eat, Pray and Love

We watched Eat, Pray and Love at Greenbelt 3. I was so thankful to Karen for inviting me out.. girl bonding time! I really miss hanging out with my college friends!.I used to watch movies and shop with them.. especially my dear friend Alma. I remember, when we were at College, we went to Greenbelt 1 to watch two movies on the same day.. hahaha! Oooppss.. I might reminisce too much. Pardon me.. I just really miss my  dear friends and the old times with them.

Eat, Pray and Love starred Julia Roberts. It's a story of a woman who travelled for a year to find herself. First she went to Italy, she ate lots of mouth-watering foods and she studied the Italian Language. After Italy, she went to India to find inner peace, self realization,  to learn accept things and learn to forgive herself. She did pray and meditation. After India, she went back to Bali, Indonesia, where she find her Love. 

Eat, Pray and Love, in my opinion, is a good movie. I like the story, a woman who is in search of herself. Well, I think all of us can relate to it in different ways. In the movie it shows different places, cultures, and traditions, and how the character of Julia Roberts dealt with it. This movie touches my Heart as a woman. 

There are two quotes that I liked in this movie:
1. Ruin is a gift, it is the way to transformation
2. Tutti is an Italian word for  Everybody

After the movie, we met Karen's cutee baby girl, Kaela, my inaanak at Shakeys Pizza.


  1. look at those BIG BIG eyes!!! she looks like daddy sherwin 100% way to go yeya!

  2. Its great how you still manage to catch up with your college friends. :) It has been only a year since I graduated but I only saw my college friends once this year. :(

    The movie seems nice. Might want to check it out.

    Kaela really looks cute ^_^ I love her eyes and her hair is like Dora. Such a cute girl ^_^

  3. Haven't watch the movie yet :( but is it as good as Under the Tuscan Sun movie... which is about soul-searching too?

    Anyways, love the picture of your cute inaanak. It's so goofy of her to make a face like that. Ang cute talaga. :)

  4. @karla: thanks for the comments. It's great to spend time with old friends once in while. You should try.

    Kaela has big eyes like her dad.. hahaha! really cute.

    @hangingbridge: sorry sis, I can't comment if it is good as the Under the Tuscan Sun movie coz I haven't watched the movie you mentioned but i will try soon when i get a copy of it. But I think you will also like Eat, Pray and Love movie. Thanks for the comments about Kaela and thanks for dropping by. :)


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