Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Teriyaki Boy at Mall of Asia

We had dinner at Teriyaki Boy because my boyfriend wants to eat Ramen. The place is a bit messy because there are a lot of customer at that time. The servers are not that cheerful and accommodating. The service is slow as I expected because there are many customers. 

Chuuka Ramen - Php 170.00

Katsudon Don Buri - Php 160.00

Pork Shogayaki Don - Php 185.00

We ordered Chuuka Ramen, Katsu Don and Pork Shogayaki Don. The foods are great and yummy! We always visit this restaurant whenever my boyfriend craves for Ramen. He loves to eat Ramen.


  1. This is my 2nd time to read someone ordering their Chuuka Ramen, must mean something good. :)

    Their Pork Shogayaki Don could use more meat though, is that all of it?

  2. The pork shogoyaki don's serving is a bit small.. I dunno why? baka nagkataon lng sis.


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