Wednesday, March 2, 2011

World's Chicken at Greenbelt 1

World's Chicken, I love their grilled boneless chicken with ranch style sauce. But in the photo below, I tried the sweet chili sauce and it also goes well with the chicken and the bacon rice. Yumyum!


  1. Oh dear... the bacon rice looks tempting!;) And it's paired with chicken pa.

  2. @Rose: yes sis, ok un combination ng bacon rice and grilled chicken.

  3. ranch sauce sounds good on grilled chicken. Maybe I'll try World's Chicken one of these days. Too bad, now ko lang nabasa blog post mo sis. Kasi kanina, we ate in the food court and we were eating across World's chicken stall. Kaya lang sa Reyes kami bumili ng food :( sayang!


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