Thursday, June 23, 2011

My New Ballet Flats

Since I didn't had a chance to buy a Crocs - Lily Holiday Bling shoes. I went to Payless shop at Market Market to check out some comfy flats.

Alas! I finally found it in kids section. Its a classic black ballet flats, size 3 1/2 (US size), with a small ribbon. The shoe is light weight and very comfy to wear. I bought it for Php 695. It is simply cute. :)


  1. I like wearing ballet flats, but I can never find a pair that I feel comfortable in. To be honest, I only have two ballet flats and I bought both in London (it's the only place where I found flats that didn't wound the back of my feet). I'm thinking of heading to Payless, maybe I'd find what I'm looking for there?

    Chic Manila Mom

  2. meron na pala payless sa market market, mukhang the fort bound kame bukas ah ;) hehehe


  3. I would love to wear ballet flats, however I find that they don't really fit my frame. Hehehe! =D


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