Monday, June 27, 2011

My Adobe Roadshow Experience

I received an invitation email from Adobe. Based from the email, they will have a presentation of their latest Creative Suite. After reading, I decided to accept their invite. The event took place at Shangri la Hotel Makati. A lot of individuals attended the event.

The CS5.5 features are really awesome. I wish they gave a sample CD..ahahaha! From the CS5.5, I like best the Photoshop's new features,  adobe made editing of images so easy. They demonstrated the different products of Adobe CS5.5 using an ipod touch, IPAD, Galaxy Tab, MAC Book, and an android phone. The Adobe CS5.5 is so COOL.

The souvenirs,  eco bag from Dell and an IPAD pouch but I don't have an IPAD. Paging my bf.. can you please buy me an IPAD so I can use my IPAD pouch.. reasons! ahahaha! I'm just joking.

The event has a 30 minute break, they served mouth watering foods. Too bad, I didn't had a chance to took all the photos of the foods.

But, I took a shot of my plate. You see the chicken wing.. that's the most delicious food in my plate. Yum!

Thank you Adobe for inviting me. Your  presentations and products were really COOL and AWESOME! Kudos to the Adobe team!


  1. I wish I was invited too... but I'll be there just because of the food and freebies :) I don't know anything about the program... the only person in the world, probably :)

  2. Cool ah. I wish I received an invite as well.

    Chic Manila Mom

  3. How do you get yourself invited to such events? Haha. Would have loved to be there too! =)


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