Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pancake ala Mel

One Monday again in my life, I  was the yaya of my pamangkids because my mom needs to attend an important matter. Their mom can't file an SL/VL (Sick/Vacation leave) because she needs to finish something at her work so i was the one filed a VL (Vacation leave). It was a very tiring day.. I have to clean the house, send and fetch the kids on their school, cooked lunch, snack and dinner. I want to share what I cooked for our snack during that time. I cooked Corn and Cheese Pancake. 

Pillsbury Pancake Mix
Steamed sweet corn, which I bought outside Catcat's school for Php10
Grated/diced Cheese
cups of warm water

1. Mix the milk and water ( follow the instruction in Pillsbury box on how many cups of water)
2. Mix the pancake powder
3. Put the corn and mix
4. Preheat the pan and put some butter
5. Pour a mixture of pancake in the pan 
6. before it  get cooked add grated/diced cheese.
7. serve with maple syrup

diced cheese

the pancake mixture

the output

We enjoyed the pancake with Maple syrup, Pomegranate and Aloe Vera Juices.

Catcat enjoying her pancakes.


  1. Wow! I love food but I can't cook. Sana may free taste. :)

  2. fave din namin Pillsbury.. tapos may peanut butter!! :D


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