Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chao Fan!

I and my bf always go to Chowking if we want to eat rice meals that  are wallet friendly. We love their chow fans and their Nai Cha (Milk Tea) plus their siomai.. Busog  Sarap!

Yang Chow Chao Fan

Chorizo Chao Fan

Nai Cha


  1. They have milk tea in Chowking? I want to try.

    Chic Manila Mom

  2. I always go for pork chao fan + beef siomai when dining at CK. But that yang chow choa fan looks okay too, maybe I will try it next time. =)

  3. im also a fan of chowking chao fan and yang chao meals as well. i actually had one last night! ;)

  4. I love CK's Nai Cha, I hope they bring back the large size.

    Followed your GFC, I hope you could follow mine too. Thanks!

  5. @kimberly: yes they have milk tea. Followed you sis.
    @blackshirt13: i agree, pork chao fan is also good especially with siomai.
    @ayen: CK fans tyo sis! :)
    @Badet: tlga sis may large size before un nai cha?! i hope too they'll bring it back. followed your blog(the misis chronicles) sis. thanks! :)


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