Friday, April 29, 2011

Lunch at Ying-Ying's Tea House

Another late post. It was a post valentine date with bf and shobe. We ate at Ying-Ying's Tea house at Binondo. It was my first time. When we arrive at the resto, it was full and there were a few waiting customers. I think we waited for 30 minutes before we got a seat. The place is a typical Chinese resto that you will find in Binondo.

The foods. My bf ordered Fried Squid. At first, I thought it is like a calamares with breadings but when it was served I was wrong. The taste is OK, masarap but its a bit oily. 

The Crispy Lemon Chicken. The lemon sauce is OK but not the chicken. The chicken is not crispy seemed it was cooked a few hours ahead and maybe they just reheated it. 

The Yang Chow Fried Rice. I like their version of Yang Chow. Yum!

The Hot and Sour Soup. Bf's favorite soup. This one is also OK.

Ying-Ying's Milk Tea. My new favorite. It's delicious for Php50.00.

The Shiao long pao. This is worth trying too. Yum!

The unknown dimsum.. ahahaha!  Sorry, I forgot the name. But this is also good. :)

Overall, I'm satisfied with our orders except for the Lemon Chicken. I will definitely come back to try their other foods.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Starbucks Spanish Chorizo Croissant

My PM treated the LCMS team for merienda. I order the Spanish Chorizo and cheese croissant instead of a coffee because I'm already hungry. This taste good.

 A close look what's inside the Spanish and Cheese Croissant.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Purple Oven's Chocolate Cake

It was my mom's birthday and my sister bought a cake for mom as a gift. I'm allergic to chocolates but it didn't stop me to try this cake... a sweet temptation! The cake is yummy! By the way, Purple Oven is one of Starbucks' suppliers.

Purple Oven's Contact Details:
#63 St. Peter Street, Oranbo, Pasig City
(02) 631-4221, (02) 910-1364, (02) 910-1363, (0906) 315-7661

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pasalubong from Hongkong and Macau

My boss just got back from a vacation trip. He went to Hongkong and Macau. When he got back last Monday, he gave chocolates, beef jerkies and chop sticks as pasalubong. Unfortunately, I was on sick leave. I got my pasalubong last Wednesday. Thanks Sir Lui! :)

The chop stick is so cute. 

The beef jerkies are yummy.. I want more!

The cadbury mini chocs taste like heaven in small package.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Corned Beef ala Mel

I just cooked corned beef for my pamangkids. I'm not a good cook but I'm glad they liked it.

1 can of  Argentina Corned beef
a handful of french fries (there were no potatoes in our fridge at that time)
grated cheese
cloves of garlic
sliced/chopped onions
cooking oil
  1. heat the oil and sautee onions and garlics
  2. fry the french fries until light golden brown
  3. next stir fry the corned beef with the french fries, onions and garlics
  4. stir fry for 10 minutes or less
  5. put grated cheese
  6. serve

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bonnie's BBQ @ Tiendesitas

One busy Saturday, we took our lunch late afternoon around 3pm. We went to Tiendesitas and searched for a place to eat. One bbq grill stall  took my bf's attention.. it's Bonnie's BBQ Grill from Tarlac.

The Pork BBQ. The meat is tender and juicy. The taste is good but nothing fancy. The price is so pocket friendly. That's why I like it.

The morcon. The taste is ok but I didn't like it. I'm not a fan of Morcon. Peace.

If ever I'll come back at Tiendeditas and want an affordable food to eat, I'll definitely go straight to Bonnie's BBQ Grill.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

JT's Chicken Inasal

One friday evening, driving along Gil Puyat Ave.. the traffic was so bad and we were so hungry. When we passed along Malugay street. My bf decided to stop and dine at JT's Manukan Grille. As we checked the grille shop, we were lucky enough to find an available table. This place is always full. The resto is owned by Mr. Joel Torre, one of the famous actors in our country. They served authentic Bacolod style inasal.

JT's Chicken Inasal is superb!  the aroma and the taste makes me want to eat more. The price is also affordable. Tara kaon na ta! (means Let's eat).

  • The Zone, Malugay St., Brgy. Bel Air, Makati City
  • #4 Granada corner Valencia St., Ortigas Ave. Extension, Quezon City
  • The Courtyard Building, #26 Sgt. Esguerra St., South Triangle, Quezon City
  • Home Depot Compound, Julia Vargas, Pasig City

Friday, April 1, 2011

Lunchout at Cafe Mary Grace, Serendra

Another  late post. One sunny Friday, me and my friends decided to have a lunch out since we haven't seen each other for a couple of months. Tet of Cooking Tet suggested to try Cafe Mary Grace. So we went to Serendra.

The place is a small cafe but with a welcoming ambiance. As you enter the cafe, you'll see different types of pastries. The servers are always smiling and very accommodating.

The foods. Most of our orders were Pastas.. uhmm.. not most but ALL. I can only comment on my order which is the Smoked Salmon and Cream Pasta(Php 251). The taste is a combination of creaminess and smoky flavor of fresh Salmon. Yumminess! Got carried away with the "-ness".. lol! Their pasta can be shared by two persons. Who ordered this pasta? Me, Eds and Archwin.
Krispin's order - Fresh Tomato and Herb Pasta (Php 215). A Spaghetti with mushroom, olives, herbs, extra virgin olive oil and a home-made tomato sauce. It is topped with premium quezo de bola. Krispin said that it tasted good and heavy in the tummy. He never thought he could be that full after eating the pasta.

Tet's order - Chorizo and Green Olive Pasta (Php 264). Fussili noodles with green olives, herbs and a homemade chorizo sauce. Tet liked it so definitely it's yummy.

The troops having a photo after a hearty lunch.

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