Friday, December 10, 2010

Tokyo Cafe at Venice Piazza, McKinley Hills

It was a very tiring Sunday when we had dinner at Tokyo Cafe at Piazza. The place is very nice and comfy. The servers are A-Ok. I remember, there were only 4  tables occupied at that time. 

The food. My niece Catcat wanted to eat chicken at first but I told her she already had chicken for lunch and merienda. Still she insisted to eat chicken. Ok fine. So I ordered Chicken Cheese Rolls and Pork Shogayaki for dinner. The Chicken Cheese Rolls were served hot and crispy. But when the hotness is gone.. nakakaumay na sya kainin. So it is best to consume it while it is hot.

Chicken Cheese Rolls

The Pork Shogayaki is yummy! The taste is a mix of ginger, sweetness, saltiness and sour with a pinch of wine taste. This was the first time Catcat tasted this, at first she jokingly said that she didn't like it. But she ate more of it than the Chicken Cheese Rolls. She ate 2 cups of rice because of that. She really has a big appetite.

Pork Shogayaki

The Dessert. I ordered the Mango Crepe with Ice cream. The presentation of it was so mouth watering. I love the mango ice cream but the mango fruits were a bit sour, so the kid just ate the crepe, and the ice cream with chocolate syrup instead.

Mango Crepe

Catcat enjoying the crepe.. ayaw mamigay! hmp!

Exploring Piazza, I saw this graffiti art wall. It was situated beside the Red Crab Resto. It was cute so we took some photos. Below is Catcat doing her pose.

We also saw these 3 wacky creatures. They're so cool and funny. By the way you need to give some money on their box to activate them. Or you can get and run with their money box, they'll run to you.. promise! That's what I did! hahaha! ^_^


  1. The mango crepe with ice cream looks really yummy. Sometimes, I wish I live in a place with more choices to eat from. What we have near us are the usual fastfood chains.

  2. All those food makes me hungry! I would love to try them when i visit manila again

  3. Wow, the Chicken Cheese Rolls looks yummy. Parang Cordon Bleu lang. Di ata ako magsasawa sa kahit ano basta manok. :)


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