Friday, December 3, 2010

Pork Char Siu ala Mel

The first time I tasted Pork Char Siu was when I was in Singapore for vacation. It was so yummi! When I see this recipe from a flyer, I decided to try it out. I bought the ingredients and started cooking around 1am.. yes.. I'm still awake during those times. My version of Pork Char Siu is a bit oily maybe because I chose the wrong parts of a Pork. I'm no good in choosing the right ingredients. Singapore's Char Siu is much much better than mine.. ahahaha! I admit it, I'm not a good cook but I love to try cooking.

My pamangkin, Catcat, was so excited to taste my Pork Char Siu version. Thank God she liked it even though it's a bit oily. Next time will try to cook a chicken version of it.


  1. Whoa, if you started cooking at 1:00AM, what time did your pretty niece ate it? :D

    The orange things are carrots right?

  2. hi madz! she ate it around 8am. I cooked it for 30min - 45min or less. Yes, those are carrots. :)


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