Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Birthday Prayer

Dear Papa Jesus, 

Today is a very Special Day for me. I know I'm not a  very good daughter to you, but despite of it You still accept and love me. Papa Jesus, I'm sincerely asking  for Your forgiveness. I'm really sorry. 

Also, Papa Jesus, I would like to Thank you for all the Lovely and Wonderful Gifts and Blessings You have given me: my Life and Health, my Family, my Howe, relatives and friends, my teammates and my managers, my Job and most especially for Your Love, Guidance and Support. You make me Shine! Thank you very much! You're the very Best Daddy a child like me could ever have!  I Love You Papa Jesus! Amen.
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  1. Your always welcome and I love you too my sweet daughter. :)

    ^ I'm sure that would be His reply to your heartwarming message.

    Happy Birthday my dear friend Mel :)
    Enjoy your day. Cheers!

  2. happy birthday mama mel! ^_^ more blessings! :D


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