Thursday, December 16, 2010

Saturday Lunchout with my Family

Last December 11, 2010, me and my family went to Gerry's Grille to eat lunch. It's my Post Birthday Celebration. I planned this a month ago, I  wanted to treat them out  for a change.  We went to Gerry's around 12PM. Good thing there were only a few people when we came in. We ordered Beef Kare-kare, Crispy Pata, Grilled Squid, Gerry's Friend Chicken,  Chopsuey and Pitchers of Iced Tea.

The Beef Kare-kare tasted ok  but I like the version of Max's Resto, much tastier and better in my opinion.

The Crispy Pata is delicioso! I noticed every member of my family asked for this one. This was served hot and crispy. And it's easy to slice/cut.

The Grilled Squid. One of my mom's requests and this is my bf's favorite too.  Catcat said that this is Yummy.. and I agree.

The Chopsuey. We ordered this so we have veggies along side with the Beef  Kare-kare and Crispy Pata. The veggies were fresh and crunchy, it was cooked rightly.

The Gerry's Fried Chicken. Sorry I forgot to take a photo of it. This one is a request from Catcat and Jajan. It comes with French Fries. The two kids enjoyed it. The chicken were crispy and tender. And because of that, Catcat consumed 2 cups of rice.

For the dessert, my bf brought a Strawberry Cheesecake from Contis. It's a birthday cake for me. =) The cake is lovely and sweet to look at. Everyone enjoyed eating this cake. especially the kids. Thank you howe for the cake! ~.~

Below is a photo of my family after the sumptuous lunch. Everyone has a great smiles! =)

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  1. Awesome photos! Masarap talaga yung grilled squid nila, I want to try the crispy pata soon! Ü


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